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Locksmith Nederasselt: Are you looking for a locksmith urgently? Our locksmith service in Nederasselt is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all kinds of locksmith work

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Locksmith Services

Our local Nederasselt company was founded in 2004. Over the years in business, we have completed thousands of orders on the locks repair, installation and opening taking one of the leading positions in the provision of locksmith services for the customers in Nederasselt. You can reach the locksmith by phone at any hour of day and night. In the case of an online application, the customer service representative in Nederasselt will get back to you within a couple of minutes. Our advantages include the following:


Locksmith services in Nederasselt

Satisfied customers


What Is the Price of Replacing Locks in Nederasselt?

The price of locksmith replacement services starts from €45, which is quite affordable when considering the Nederasselt market as a whole. If you want to change the lock in a metal door, the final price will depend on several factors including the type of mechanism, bran and so on. If it is necessary to change the lock on the front door, the price will be lower than when installing the device in a new leaf.
24 Hour Locksmith – Call Out in Nederasselt.
Nederasselt Locksmiths is a team of professionals with over 15 years of experience in the field. Our locksmith team has opened more than 1000 locks in Nederasselt and surrounding areas. The company's specialists are capable of opening door locking mechanisms of any complexity. As a rule, our customers are dealing with a lock related emergency, so a quick response to a call is one of our main tasks. Each locksmith has a car and own professional tools that ensure a swift solution to a lock problem. .

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Images of our latest works


Opening the door without damage

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Local Nederasselt Team of Locksmith Professionals

Our lock service works exclusively with well-trained locksmiths.

Our locksmith team has extensive practical experience and theoretical knowledge. This allows specialists to solve not only typical lock problems but also to achieve results in non-standard situations and quickly respond to circumstances that arise in the course of locksmith work. Each locksmith is registered in Nederasselt and undergoes periodic checks for professional suitability. Our locksmith company offers its clients:

1) 24-hour emergency services – the locksmith will solve the problem at any time convenient for you. Our arrival time in Nederasselt averages 20 minutes.
2) Reasonable price policy - the cost is negotiated before the start of the locksmith work and approved by the customer. You’ll be kept informed of all steps taken in the resolution of lock related emergency.
3)Convenience – the locksmith services provided by our Nederasselt company involve the use of locks, accessories and spare parts brought by us. The customer can purchase the necessary components at the most affordable price in the area from the locksmith right on the spot. Consultation on locks characteristics and selection is included in the price of services.
4) Complex locksmith services - our masters can evaluate the overall reliability of the door structure and give you recommendations for improving security. Installation of additional elements and accessories is carried out immediately.
5) Locksmith work quality - warranty covers the installation, repair and replacement of locks for up to 3 years. We provide separate manufacturer's warranty documents for each new lock or fittings.
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Locksmith and Security Services in Nederasselt

Our locksmith team has extensive experience, so we can cope with the most challenging tasks. You can get advice from us on choosing door hardware elements or just wait for the locksmith with a large selection of lock models of various price categories. The professionalism of a locksmith guarantees the complete safety of your Nederasselt home or office premises.
Call our locksmith whenever you need to install door locking mechanisms. The locksmith is ready to arrive at the place of call in Nederasselt within 30 minutes from the moment of application.
The locksmith carries more than two hundred models of various locking devices for any budget. All keys are in their original packaging, and the locksmith will also provide receipts and other documents for the selected lock.
Need to open your car door without keys? Perhaps the door mechanism is jammed? - Just call our dispatch centre in Nederasselt and a qualified auto locksmith will open your car at a price that will be much less than the price of broken glass.
The locksmith will carefully open the locks, as well as replace the locking device or the mechanism in case of damage. We have over 200 locks available, differing in complexity and price.
Do you need to open a safe in the shortest time possible at an affordable price? Our masters in Nederasselt will solve your problem by providing qualified locksmith assistance and high-quality warranty service at a fair price.

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How Much Do Locksmith Services Cost?

The price for a locksmith's services can vary depending on the city and region

Locksmith Services for Residential and Commercial Security

Armour Plates Installation in Nederasselt
Additional protection for the lock is provided by installing an armour plate. It prevents someone from knocking out or drilling the cylinder mechanism on the front door.
Access Control Systems Installation in Nederasselt
Installation of ACS allows you to effectively solve the problem of regulating the access of unauthorized personnel to the territory or premises of enterprises and organizations.
CCTV Installation in Nederasselt
Our team in Nederasselt offers a full range of high-quality and reliable equipment and services for creating integrated systems for medium and large facilities from offices and data centres to airports and factories.


Copy of our price list

Would you like to know more about our prices? In this piece, all our costs are schematically explained.

During the day (09:00 – 21:00)

from 45€

  • Unlocking door locks of residential or commercial premises: € 45
  • Each subsequent door of the premises: € 20
  • For the replacement of existing locks, without the cost of purchasing new ones, you pay € 45

In the night (21:00- 09:00)

from 85€

  • Unlocking door locks of residential or commercial premises: € 85
  • Each subsequent door of the premises: € 20
  • For the replacement of existing locks, without the cost of purchasing new ones, you pay € 85

Opening bicycle locks and car door locks

from 45€

  • Unlocking car locks: During the day it costs 45 euros and at night 85 euros
  • Unlocking bicycle locks: During the day it costs 45 euro and at night 85 euro


Below you will find answers to your questions:

This depends on what kind of lock it is. Most locks can be opened easily. Security locks that use a deadbolt are more difficult to open and often these types of locks need to be drilled out.

We can duplicate keys for both business and private customers. You can have car keys duplicated by our locksmith service. Our locksmith service is able to copy and produce most European car keys. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our key service or to make an appointment for having your key made. Our staff is always ready to help you.

We can assure you that you will not be wasting your money when you choose our lock service. We understand that it is never easy when you find yourself in an emergency situation. That is why we want to help you. Don't worry about high costs with us. We offer you low and clear rates for emergencies

We all know that it is very tempting to fiddle with your lock when your key has broken off. We do not recommend doing this. It will actually cause more damage to your lock. It is also important to keep the other part of the key so that the locksmith can quickly identify the problem and find a solution.

No, but we can serve you as an emergency locksmith when you need our help with an emergency situation like a burglary. We will do our best to help you as quickly as possible.

At our locksmith service, we offer various, professional locksmith services. Our services include lock replacement, key replacement, burglary damage repair, emergency openings and much more. No matter which locksmith service you need, you can always count on our locksmith to complete the job successfully. We will be more than happy to help you.

We have a separate price for each locksmith service. We guarantee that you will receive a fair and clear quote for the locksmith services we provide.

We have been providing our various locksmith services to many customers for many years. With years of experience in solving lock problems, we have been able to build the skills and knowledge to ensure that you receive professional and effective locksmith services from us.

Locksmith & Lock Service 24/7


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